• Educational Challenge

    "Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge."

    Proverbs 23:12

  • Character and Citizenship

    "When you put faith, hope and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world."

    Zig Ziglar

  • Excellence & Achievement

    "Part of success is preparation on purpose."

    Jim Rohn

  • Physical Education

    "Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love."

    Zig Ziglar

  • Science Class Students Teachers

    "The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education."

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

K12 Curriculum Overview

Elementary Program

Instruction includes Bible, Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, oral and written communication), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, electives (foreign language, physical education, health, music, arts), and extra-curricular activities.

Junior High Program

Instruction includes Bible, Language Arts (literature, reading, writing, spelling, oral and written communications), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Career education, electives (foreign language, physical education, health, music, arts), and extra-curricular activities (ACSI student competitions).

High School Program

Instruction includes Bible and a variety of courses in fields of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Home Economics, Business Education, Arts, Music, and extra-curricular activities (ACSI student competitions).

Bible: The Bible curriculum is considered one of the academic basics. In teaching the basic biblical truths fundamental to Christianity, many opportunities exist for teachers to stress personal application in the lives of their students.

Language Arts: The Language Arts approach combines the integrated study of the following language skills: reading comprehension, grammar, handwriting, composition, spelling, literature, speaking and listening. A student cannot achieve real success without mastering the art of communication.

Mathematics: Practice and application characterize the mastery of basic mathematical concepts and skills, as well as advanced concepts.

Science: The curriculum places God at the center, not only as Creator but also as Sustainer of the universe. In teaching scientific facts and truth, honor is given to the Creator. All laws are God’s laws; all life is God’s life; all truth is God’s truth.

Social Studies: The traditional subjects of geography, history, civics, and government are the major emphases of the History & Geography curriculum. World history is presented from God’s viewpoint. This study is built on God’s plan for the salvation of man.

SCA requires the following criteria to be matched or exceeded for a high school student to receive a diploma of graduation: 



 English  4 (4yrs) 
 Mathematics   4 (4yrs)
 Social Studies:  
   - WA State History & Geography  1 (yr)
   - US History  1 (yr)   
   - World History  1 (yr)     
   - Government  1 (yr)
 Laboratory Science:   
   - General Science, Biology I & II   
   - Chemistry, Physics  4 (yrs)   
 Occupational Education:  2 (yrs)   
Word Processing or Computer, Teacher's Assistant, Career Pathways, Home Economics, Yearbook, TSE - A student taking music for two consecutive years may use one for an occupational education credit.
 Fine & Visual Arts  1 (yrs)  
 Physical Education  2 (2yrs)  
 Bible     4 (4yrs)
 Foreign Language  2 (2yrs)
 Electives  1 (2yrs)
 Total Credits:    28

This program is designed to meet the needs of a student who has attended Summit Christian Academy high school for four years. 

What our students are saying about Summit Christian Academy:

  • "I love SCA because we learn about Jesus."

    - 2nd grader
  • "I love SCA because of good teachers, and students that I can be friends with."

    - 3rd grader
  • "What I love about SCA, is that all of the teachers encourage students to do their best."

    - 4th grader
  • "I love SCA because it is a Christian school and we have Bible classes."

    - 4th grader
  • "It is a Christian school and the teachers teach us about God."

    - 5th grader
  • "SCA gives us a good Christian education and healthy lunches.

    - 5th grader
  • "I love that our school is like a family. The teachers are really nice and caring. Another thing I like is that we have retreats."

    - 7th grader
  • "At SCA, it is really easy for me to learn. The teachers explain lessons very well. I have a lot of friends. And most of all, I love that SCA is a Christian school."

    - 7th grader
  • "I love it because we have the school Olympics and the opportunity to earn awards. I also love it because of the fun field trips."

    - 7th grader
  • "I love that our school is kind of like a family. Also, the teachers are really nice and caring, and another thing I like is that we have the retreats."

    - 7th grader
  • "SCA teachers are awesome! They care about every student and pray for them and their future. I have had an academical, spiritual, and physical growth."

    - 12th grader
  • "Summit Christian Academy is a great school. I can honestly say that it really impacted my life and my walk with God. Attending this school was tough, but it was definitely worth the challenge!"

    - 12th grader
  • "I really appreciate SCA teachers. They teach students with passion and dedication to Christian worldview."

    - 11th grader
  • "SCA is a great school and make a difference in students not only mentally, physically, but also spiritually. SCA provided me with a great background of knowledge, a strong foundation in scripture, and a great base of Godly wisdom."

    - 12th grader
  • "Personally, SCA lifted me up spiritually and motivated me to go on with school. Food is the best of course! Don't miss an opportunity to be part of SCA high school team. SCA teachers will prepare you for college admission and for life!"

    - 11th grader
  • "Throughout all of my school years, SCA has bit the record of all the other schools I have attended. SCA helped me grow more in Christ and know Him better; SCA had a positive influence on me!"

    - 12th grader