• Entrance Test

    Entrance Test

    The WRAT4 entrance test measures the student’s math and English skills based on the grade level.

To ensure correct placement at SCA, a student will need to take the WRAT4 entrance test. The test is administered at SCA in accordance with the procedures outlined in the WRAT4 administering test book.

Testing typically lasts 30 minutes to one hour, based on the student's grade level. The test measures the student’s math and English skills. The results will provide the SCA administration with needed information to determine the student's academic potential.

After the new family interview and student testing, the admission committee will determine whether or not the student will be accepted for enrollment. Parents will be notified by the SCA office within two weeks regarding a decision to accept or deny the student’s enrollment. If a student is accepted, a fully completed and signed application form must be returned to the SCA office with all registration fees paid in full.

At that point, the student’s most recent report card/transcript, standardized testing scores (if applicable), and any other school-related documents will be requested from the previous school.

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