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Welcome to Summit Christian Academy!

Summit Christian Academy faculty and staff are committed to assisting you in Bible-based education. Our hope for your family is to celebrate the abundant spiritual impact that SCA will have upon your child, the strong pattern of learning that will develop in basic academic subjects, and most importantly, honoring God in every part of life and learning.

  • SCA worldview is built on the premise that all truth is God’s truth.
  • Learning at SCA is accomplished in a variety of methods, from rigorous memorization, interactive games, and interesting projects to field trips.
  • SCA classrooms are havens where loving teachers continue the nurture that parents are giving in their homes.
  • SCA students have the opportunity to make lasting friendships with children of like faith and practice and are encouraged to view the world as a mission field where they can be salt and light.
  • SCA students participate in performance for chapels and bring the message of Christ to the community through songs during holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter. They also participate in local sports, ACSI competitions, and community outreach through highs school service projects.
  • SCA high school students have an opportunity to earn college credits through Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (CC courses) that allow students to participate in a college-level course and earn college credit while still in high school and are uniquely qualified to thrive in a college

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