• Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

Summit Christian Academy exists to assist parents as they provide Christian education for their children. The primary basis for admission to SCA is parental commitment to accept their biblical mandate to train their children. SCA School Board believes that educationis a scriptural mandate, thus admission is open only to children whose parents are committed to Christian values as stated in this Handbook. Exceptions can be made to the general admission policy, only under the consideration and approval of the School Board. 

1. The following policy considerations will be applied when evaluating each family for admission of their child(ren ):

  • At least one parent must subscribe to the SCA Statement of Faith.

  • Parents must view Christian education as a religious conviction.

  • At least one parent must be present at SCA school events, orientations, and parent conferences provided for Christian school families (except in the case of F-1 international students).

2. Each student must be in good standing with the previous school attended (i.e., passing marks academically and a good behavior record). A student with poor academic performance or behavior problems will be placed on probation for one quarter.  If results are improved, the student will be taken off probation and be officially enrolled at SCA.

3. Minimum Age: K4 children must be four years of age by midnight, August 31st. K5 children must be five years of age by midnight, August 31st, as stated in WAC 180 39 010. A child entering first grade must be six years of age by midnight, August 31st, of that year, as stated in WAC 180 39 015.  

4. Kindergarten Readiness Screening: Each student who applies for enrollment will be administered the Readiness Screening evaluation, which helps determine school readiness. Recommendations for acceptance will be made based on the results of the screening. 

5. A record of these fulfilled requirements must be on file in the local school office before any child is allowed to enter school.

6. Secondary students, grades 6-12, must verbally commit to their willingness to attend SCA, and must openly attest to their willingness to abide by all the procedures and rules of the school.

7. SCA schooldoes not assess or update IEPs, 504 plans or Service Plans, but aims to customize curriculum assignment and academic standards based on pre-existing plans according to the individual's academic needs. Thus, students with learning disabilities will be evaluated carefully, with consideration of the type of disability, the severity of disability and the capacity to accommodate that disability. SCA administration reserves the right to deny enrollment to students with learning disabilities if SCA lacks facilities and/or staff to meet the needs of such students in the fullest possible way.

8. SCA's mission involves working with the parents in the Christian education of students. Therefore we expect parents to be partners in nurturing their children, and to agree to the following statement,  “As a parent, I agree to support the school with my prayers and with a positive attitude. Complaints or negative comments will be shared ONLY with the teacher, principal, or the person involved and NOT with my child or other people, following the Matthew 18 principle.”

9. During the registration period, an appointment for a new family interview and student entrance test will be made through the school office. This is a meeting where the goals, program, and commitment of the school will be presented.  

  • After the interview and testing, the admission committee will determine whether or not the student is accepted for enrollment. 
  • After the initial interview, parents will be notified by the local secretary regarding a decision to accept or deny the student’s enrollment within two weeks.
  • If a student is accepted, a fully completed and signed application form must be returned to the local school office with all registration fees paid in full, by the date established on the acceptance notification. 

10. New and returning families should attend the Information Night, review Parent-Student Handbook, fill out the registration packet and return it promptly to the school secretary, and schedule an appointment for any questions or concerns.