About Northwest Christian Education

The purpose of Northwest Christian Education (NCE) is to provide educational services, namely, teaming with schools to educate children in grades K through 12 from a biblical worldview.

At Northwest Christian Education, we believe that each child is a unique human being, with personal interests, special talents and a recognizable learning style. We know that children receive optimum benefit from an educational process that values them as individuals and provides a personalized approach to learning. We work to encourage their natural curiosity, their innate enthusiasm for learning and their dreams. NCE believes in and encourages lifelong learning and the enthusiasm for fulfilling lifetime dreams.

The Northwest Christian Education difference is in the relationships students have with principals, teachers, counselors, advisors, and peers. With college prep academics, including Advanced Placement (AP), and Honors programs, NCE has a record of placing its graduates into the selective colleges and universities.

Founded in 2004 by Elena V. Solodyankin and a dedicated group of NWASBC church leaders, Northwest Christian Education continues its mission to honor each child’s unique style of learning, support students to achieve their academic goals, and foster their personal interests and talents.