• Why Choose Northwest Christian Education?

    Why Choose NCE

    NCE teachers love the Lord and their students. Reasoning, critical thinking skills, and internalization of Christian values are important educational goals at NCE.

NCE purpose is to serve families who desire not simply a private education, but a distinctively Christian education for their students.  NCE teachers love the Lord and their students. They treat them like image bearers of their heavenly Father.

Rigorous educational instruction is presented at a level that students can succeed in school and life. Every subject is integrated with Christian values. NCE utilizes ABEKA, ACSI, BJU, and SAXON textbooks for curriculum. NCE students have an opportunity to learn a foreign language from Kindergarten up to high school. Extra-curricular activities offer students an opportunity to glorify God in the use of their gifts, knowledge, and understanding beyond the classroom.  NCE students participate in competitions provided by ACSI.

Reasoning, critical thinking skills, and internalization of Christian values are important educational goals. NCE students are given a strong background in the basics of reading, language, mathematics, science, and history. Our K-12 grade students take TerraNova test every year, thus allowing students, parents, and teachers to evaluate student’s progress and achievements. In addition, NCE high school students take the PSAT test in October and SAT test during their junior and senior years. The results show that NCE graduates are well prepared to be admitted by any college or university of their choice.

NCE High School Junior and Senior students can earn college credits through Dual enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) programs. The AP program allows students to participate in a college-level course and earn college credit while still in high school. The AP courses stand out in the admission process, allow progression into upper-level courses, and pursue a double-major.

NCE mission includes working with parents in the Christian education of their students; therefore we expect parents to be partners. Parent-Teacher conferences are held three times per year: in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Class sizes at NCE are normally no larger than 18 students for elementary grades. NCE intermediate, junior high, and high school classes are no larger than 16 students. Our goal is to experience excellence in every aspect and so we work with students at their level.

We look forward to you joining us in nurturing your child to become a representative of Jesus Christ.

Northwest Christian Education Is Accredited by AdvancED